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US High in Gun Ownership, Low in Murder Rate

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US High in Gun Ownership, Low in Murder Rate

Several reports on gun ownership around the world clearly refute the assertion that the abundance of guns in the United States leads to a high rate of firearm homicides.
Americans are the biggest gun owners by far, with an estimated 270 million civilian firearms, in addition to those used by law enforcement and the military. That’s according to the Small Arms Survey of 178 nations conducted by the Switzerland-based Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.
In sheer numbers of civilian firearms, the No. 2 nation, surprisingly, is India with 46 million, followed by China (40 million), Germany (25 million), Pakistan (18 million), and Mexico (15 million).
The United States also leads in gun ownership rate, with about 88 firearms per 100 people, according to the most recent Small Arms Survey compiled in 2007.
That is far ahead of No. 2 Yemen, which has 55 firearms per 100 people. Switzerland is third with 46 per 100 people, followed by Finland (45), Serbia (38), Cyprus (36), Saudi Arabia (35), and Iraq (34).
But when it comes to the firearm homicide rate, the United States doesn’t even make the top 25.
According to figures collected by the United Nations’ Office on Drugs and Crime through its annual crime survey, 9,146 Americans were victims of a firearm homicide in the most recent year. That translates to a rate of 2.97 firearm homicides per 100,000 population, only the 27th highest rate in the world.
The highest rate by far can be found in Honduras, 68 homicides per 100,000, followed by El Salvador (40), Jamaica (39), Venezuela (38.9), Guatemala (34), and Colombia (27).
For America’s neighbors, the rate in Mexico is 9.9 per 100,000, and in Canada, 0.5 per 100,000.
It is interesting to note that not only does the United States have a relatively low homicide rate compared to its gun ownership rate, but Switzerland, which ranks third in the civilian gun ownership rate, has only the 46th highest homicide rate, and Finland, with the fourth highest ownership rate, is 63rd on the list.
“The most obnoxious liberal talking points on guns involve the idea that guns, in and of themselves, cause gun violence,” writes CNS News commentator Stephen Gutowski. “In other words, more guns must mean more gun violence.”
But in light of the ownership and homicide figures, he observes: “More guns do not, in fact, mean more gun violence. Guns can be, and commonly are, used in a responsible manner, especially here in the United States.”

US High in Gun Ownership, Low in Murder Rate

The Whole Story of The Zionist Conspiracy

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The Whole Story of The Zionist Conspiracy


Americans Are Literally Being Worked To Death

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Americans Are Literally Being Worked To Death

Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse
Sept 24, 2012

Are you constantly tired and do you feel incredibly stressed almost all the time?  Well, that means that there is a really good chance that you are a typical American worker.  Even though our incomes are going down, Americans are spending more time at work than ever before. 

In fact, U.S. workers spend more time at work than anyone else in the world.  But it was not always this way.  Back in 1970, the average work week for an American worker was about 35 hours.  Today, it is up to 46 hours.  But there are other major economies around the globe that are doing just fine without burning their workers out.  For example, the average American worker spends 378 more hours working per year than the average German worker does.  Sadly, for many Americans work is not even finished once they leave the office.  According to one recent survey, the average American worker spends an extra seven hours per week on work tasks such as checking emails and answering phone calls after normal work hours have finished.  Other Americans are juggling two or three jobs in a desperate attempt to make ends meet.  Americans are busier than ever and work is often pushing the other areas of our lives on to the back burner.  What this also means is that “family vacations” are becoming increasingly rare in the United States.  In fact, Americans spend less days on vacation than anyone else in the industrialized world.  While some would applaud our “work ethic”, the truth is that the fact that we are being overworked is having some very serious consequences.  In fact, as you will see below, Americans are literally being worked to death.


Americans Are Literally Being Worked To Death

Your Opinions

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The Last Mountain Documentary Part 1

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The Last Mountain Documentary Part 1


The Last Mountain

ALL CAPS Names on Government Certificates

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ALL CAPS Names on Government Certificates

All Caps names is your slave name.  They consider you their cattle.
by TD McGann

Doubtless,the ALL CAPS NAME on birth and other certificates have legal ramifications.

However, when you ask around about it in legal circles, you are likely to discover that no one seems to know what they are. Perchance, if you do find an attorney who has learned the lesson ─ that is, out of school ─ don’t be shocked if he is not forthright telling you what he knows . . . especially within earshot of his cronies.
He, like the rest of us, has a thing or two best left unspoken, even to confidants, even to himself. Our Holy Mother Government issues everything, not to us, but to our ALL CAPITALIZED NAME: our birth certificate, our marriage license, our driver’s license, our death certificate, and so forth.


ALL CAPS Names on Government Certificates