One Response to “Murder-Suicide or Assassination: Did Veteran J.T. Ready Pay the Price For Going Independent?”

  1. JT Ready was avery intelligent person. I heard him speak on You-tube, I was so impressed that I couldn’t believe he was from AZ, where people are usually, extremely stupid and they have no books in their homes and the worst libraries in the world, the worst schools in the USA. I did not think he was a white supremacist either-he seemed like a socialist-he had political ambitions. His wife and so his children too are Mexican. Why was he labeled a white supremacist by the media? There is more to the story, it is a fact that people are murdered and someone is getting away with it, and the media is complicit-a co-conspiritor and therefore, equally guilty. I pity the entire media, all the rich and all the police who give evil their power, they have only hell waiting for them, when they are judged by God, that is real justice. The tables always turn and evil returns to those who do evil-like a dog to vomit-like a washed pig to the mud. The truth always comes out especially after death. Sometimes evil must be given enough time and rope to hang themselves with-so they will never return to the earth to harm others again. I am sure JT will return shortly, and he will get real justice in his next life. The Universe is fair and just, it is the evil people who lie and project their own evil onto the universe-who find out how true that is after it is too late.

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