Featured Reader Post Part. 3

First I’d like to say thank you to Aaron for releasing this information. This is an angle that many people haven’t seen yet. Network Marketing as I have said in the past is a big part of how the Illuminati operate. The structure is used by organized crime throughout the world. But it’s not the structure of network marketing it’s what they use it for. Do a word search for amway mafia to find articles related to this subject.

Now the thing to remember is not everyone involved in mlm, affiliate, network marketing is Illuminati but many of the biggest players are. As always I stress that you all do your own research before joining any program and venturing out on your own.

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Now for Aaron.

The Death of Osama Bin Laden and the New World Order Illuminati Conspiracy

My name is Aaron Fleszar and I’d like to expose, with your help, the largest conspiracy in world history. Most people don’t believe in conspiracies or conspiracy theories, I know because I was one of them. The thing about a conspiracy is it cannot be proven, if it could, it wouldn’t be a conspiracy. I will try and make this as simple as possible so that you can follow my logic and likely reach the same conclusions.

What do we know about Osama Bin Laden that we haven’t been told by the media? We know that he is a spokesperson for Al-Qaeda. Once or twice a year, this guy appears in video, pointing his finger, from a tape that mysteriously arrives at the Al-Jazeera network. If Osama Bin Laden is only spokesperson, and not a mastermind, who makes up the organization behind him?

Even a president is only a spokesperson. A president surrounds himself with an administration that advises him. There is always a force behind a president with an agenda. Sometimes that agenda is known, sometimes it’s not.

Are we being mislead by Osama Bin Laden and the organization behind him? Could Osama be the spokesperson for a New World Order, the richest people in the world who would like to take over the government? Could Osama be a distraction, and a catalyst, for starting an endless war on terror, increasing defense department spending, lining the pockets of defense contractors, and driving up the price of oil?

Could the attacks on 9/11 be attacks against capitalism? Is Al-Qaeda or New World Order’s goal to destroy capitalism? Would destroying capitalism allow the richest people in the world a chance to implement socialism, get wealthier by collapsing the dollar, and allow them to institute a one world currency, only to enslave the rest of the world to their New World Order government?

Everyone knows that something happened on 9/11 that is being covered up, but what is it? Is it that planes didn’t collapse 2 buildings which fell with precision as if they were being brought down by a controlled demolition? Is it that no one ever talks about the third building which collapsed that never got hit by an airplane? Were the planes nothing more than misdirection, or an illusion, created by Al-Qaeda/New World Order, also known as “the Illuminati?”

Written across thousands of get rich quick scams online there is a code. Al-Qaeda or NWO appears to be using the internet to take over all ecommerce and media. Several people making up this code are look a likes for people associated with the current administration, in addition to media moguls, and CEO’s.

Several of the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists make up this code online. They are wanted for US embassy bombings in Kenya, Obama’s family’s birthplace, and Indonesia, a place where Obama spent many years as a child.

What’s interesting about the Al-Qaeda organization online, that literally own the internet, is that this same group of marketing experts ran the last election on Youtube. Could the organization behind Osama Bin Laden be the New World Order Illuminati? Could the organization behind the election of Obama, be the same group? Could Osama be the look a like to represent Obama, and Biden, Bi(nla)den?

It’s not a conspiracy when it’s taking place right in front of you. There is just an overwhelming amount of misinformation to try and prevent you from connecting the dots. Keep in mind that the Illuminati, or New World Order, are masters at illusion.

It’s important for the future of America that you tell others immediately about this website. Email and text everyone you know and tell them to read this website. When enough people start demanding honest answers, we will finally learn the truth to what really happened on 9/11.

Thank you for reading this,
Aaron M Fleszar


6 Responses to “Featured Reader Post Part. 3”

  1. Mohammed Says:

    I’m a 100 % with you…years ago i didn’t realize this, all around us it’s happening…they’re destroying the world…I’ve got secret information on the research i did..and it all fits!

  2. Mileydis Says:

    Amazing what you talked about. I agree a hundred percent.

  3. Rev. Apostle Joseeph TOUBI Says:

    Dear Aaron,

    Have a book for free to send to you concerning the move of the capitalist system

    In case you are interested, write to my mail box and I will send the books to you

    Rev. Apostle Joseph TOUBI

  4. how do you join illuminati , not that i want to but how ?

  5. nicole mitchel Says:

    as well of wht u are sayng people believe that this is nt true bt i out of millionz who dnt believe bt it is very much real it dosent take a rocket scientist to figure it out bt i dnt thnk itz rite itz only one god n no otha god should be placed before him n satan is nt a god n may i ask a question wht do they get out dat shyt cn u answer me that n im confused why worship satan for fame itz nt dat serious i just wnt to knw wht is they’re purpose for this

  6. Realistic citizen Says:

    Are you people on crack?

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