ETIC Featured Readers Comment Part. 2

By: Aaron M Fleszar

By attempting to expose the Osama/Obama Illuminati conspiracy the CIA released a news story the other week claiming Bin Laden was killed then thrown in the ocean. I never heard of the Illuminati, New World Order, or ever believed that there could be a conspiracy to 9 11. I believe I can now prove that the death of Osama Bin Laden is a conspiracy and a cover up to prevent exposing this much bigger story of the Illuminati Obama Osama Conspiracy.

My name is Aaron M Fleszar and back in 2006 I started looking for ways to make money online only to end up cracking a code and learning more then I wanted to know. Scam artists have cornered the market on affiliate marketing education. Their sites use aliases, bogus whois info, and registrations in different states and countries.

After many years researching who they were and what they were hiding, a link appeared on Armand Morin’s blog to Al-Qaeda. A number of people began matching up with the FBI’s MOST WANTED TERRORISTS. Some of these Terrorists are wanted for U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya & Indonesia. Do these two places ring any bells?

Search Google Images;
Mark Joyner Simpleology-Seif Al Adel
John Ferrero-Ramadan Shallah
Yaro Starak-Umar Patek
Armand Morin-Noordin M Top
Michael Filsaime-Ali Sayyid Muhamed Mustafa al-Bakri
Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian-Ammar Mansour Bouslim
Carl Galletti-Ahmed Garbaya, Samir Salwwan
Ted Ciuba-Abdul Rahman Yasin
Willie Crawford-Mohammed
Shay Patil-Atiyah Abd al-Rahman

Between the aliases these con artists use, and the way in which they speak about things, everything they do has double meaning. Several of their aliases incorporate political names and can be seen at something called the Gurudaq.

Many get rich quick scams serve as product placement for new cutting edge internet technologies, and logos, some sold through Clickbank. The people appearing in testimonials are part of the expansion of this organization and are often pitching other high priced products and services. They all link to one another through their marketing strategies and ability to OPTIMIZE in search rankings.

The people who make up this organization are not only Al-Qaeda and using a code of look a likes for CEO’s, and the Obama Administration, it appears they may also be part of the Illuminati Conspiracy. Next, I’d like to show you how I think Obama fits into this Obama Osama Illuminati conspiracy.

Obama announced his run for office on Oprah Winfrey’s show. Oprah’s friend Gayle King looks like Whitney Houston. Her name could be a code, Whit_ney White-Hous_ton House. After spotting the most wanted terrorists, 6 months before the election, it now appears Oprah has a boyfriend who looks like Eric Holder.

It appears these internet marketing experts controlled the comments, the headlines, and the finance of the last election online with the highest ranking site in Google search, Youtube.

Sarah Palin never existed until months after I contacted the FBI. Her family & history is fabricated using mathematical computations. She became a media magnet to flush out Barack (O’Bomber) Obama’s socialist “organized community.” Maverick Sarah (Barrac)uda) Palin, is short for palindrome, such as SOROS. Maverick McCain’s likes ABBA, another palindrome. First forum to hack me online was FIB Scams 101 with the owner called Mama. Palin coined the term “mama” grizzly. Under investigation for insider trading of a search company called Mamma, was Interstate 77 American Airlines Center NBA Maverick Mark (Cuba)n. On 9/11 flight 77 American Airlines hit the Pentagon. Palin’s daughter “Willow,” is short for Willow Run Airport off I-94, her birthday 7/7/94. “Piper,” also a plane, shares a birthday with Bruce Willis (John McC(l)ane the guy who fights the terrorists in Die Hard.) Sarah’s “siblings” are Heather Heath Bruce & Molly Heath McCa(n)n. “Trig” shares a birthday with 3 congressmen from WI, IL, and MI. “Track” shares a birthday with Adolf Hitler. Obama shares a birthday with Nobel Peace Prize winner Yasser Arafat. “Tripp” Palin has multiple birthdays, like Yasser Arafat.

In my opinion this is the last piece of the puzzle to the Al-Qaeda/Illuminati conspiracy, Osama Bin Laden is also a spokesperson, and a look-a-like. Osama represents Obama/Biden (Bi)n La(den.)

Most of the stories you might find online about the Illuminati are created by the Illuminati. This group of internet marketing “experts” and “copywriters” dominate search rankings for anything they want. It is highly likely that if these people are the Illuminati, they’re only going to reveal what they want you to see. They are masters of illusion and their codes appear in a lot of movies going back over the last couple of decades. I believe that the Illuminati created Osama Bin Laden and that it is a code. I think the Illuminati conspiracy, the New World Order, and Al-Qaeda, are all the same thing. If the richest people in world created Osama Bin Laden as an effort to destroy capitalism only to institute communism, it would explain why Bin Laden was such an elusive character and no one with knowledge would have any internet in claiming a $50,000,000 reward. To billionaires, this would be pocket change. The death of Osama Bin Laden is a conspiracy. It’s a cover story to prevent the Illuminati Obama/Osama conspiracy story from getting out.


7 Responses to “ETIC Featured Readers Comment Part. 2”

  1. aaron fleszar Says:

    Al-Qaeda or “New World Order” controls most stories and videos online regarding the 9 11 Conspiracy

    My name is Aaron Fleszar and I’d like to expose, with your help, the largest conspiracy in world history. Most people don’t believe in conspiracies or conspiracy theories, I know because I was one of them. The thing about a conspiracy is it cannot be proven, if it could, it wouldn’t be a conspiracy. I will try and make this as simple as possible so that you can follow my logic and likely reach the same conclusions.

    What do we know about Osama Bin Laden that we haven’t been told by the media? We know that he is a spokesperson for Al-Qaeda. Once or twice a year, this guy appears in video, pointing his finger, from a tape that mysteriously arrives at the Al-Jazeera network. If Osama Bin Laden is only spokesperson, and not a mastermind, who makes up the organization behind him?

    Even a president is only a spokesperson. A president surrounds himself with an administration that advises him. There is always a force behind a president with an agenda. Sometimes that agenda is known, sometimes it’s not.

    Are we being mislead by Osama Bin Laden and the organization behind him? Could Osama be the spokesperson for a New World Order, the richest people in the world who would like to take over the government? Could Osama be a distraction, and a catalyst, for starting an endless war on terror, increasing defense department spending, lining the pockets of defense contractors, and driving up the price of oil?

    Could the attacks on 9/11 be attacks against capitalism? Is Al-Qaeda or New World Order’s goal to destroy capitalism? Would destroying capitalism allow the richest people in the world a chance to implement socialism, get wealthier by collapsing the dollar, and allow them to institute a one world currency, only to enslave the rest of the world to their New World Order government?

    Everyone knows that something happened on 9/11 that is being covered up, but what is it? Is it that planes didn’t collapse 2 buildings which fell with precision as if they were being brought down by a controlled demolition? Is it that no one ever talks about the third building which collapsed that never got hit by an airplane? Were the planes nothing more than misdirection, or an illusion, created by Al-Qaeda/New World Order, also known as “the Illuminati?”

    Written across thousands of get rich quick scams online there is a code. Al-Qaeda or NWO appears to be using the internet to take over all ecommerce and media. Several people making up this code are look a likes for people associated with the current administration, in addition to media moguls, and CEO’s.

    Several of the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists make up this code online. They are wanted for US embassy bombings in Kenya, Obama’s family’s birthplace, and Indonesia, a place where Obama spent many years as a child.

    These are the aliases of Most Wanted Terrorists. Check out Google images;
    Mark Joyner Simpleology-Seif Al Adel (Sarah Palin’s book Palinology)
    John Ferrero-Ramadan Shallah
    Yaro Starak-Umar Patek
    Armand Morin-Noordin M Top (said to have been killed in Indonesia and now removed from the FBI’s most wanted list)
    Michael Filsaime-Ali Sayyid Muhamed Mustafa al-Bakri (Die Hard 4 “Fire Sale” The cyber attack on our infrastructure)
    Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian-Ammar Mansour Bouslim
    Carl Galletti-Ahmed Garbaya, Samir Salwwan
    Ted Ciuba-Abdul Rahman Yasin

    What’s interesting about the Al-Qaeda organization is that they literally own the internet through search optimization and that this same group of marketing experts ran the last election on Youtube. Could the organization behind Osama Bin Laden be the New World Order Illuminati? Could the organization behind the election of Obama, be the same group? Could Osama be the look a like to represent Obama, and Biden, Bi(nla)den?

    It’s not a conspiracy when it’s taking place right in front of you. There is just an overwhelming amount of misinformation to try and prevent you from connecting the dots. Keep in mind that the Illuminati, or New World Order, are masters of illusion.

    It’s important for the future of America that you tell others immediately about this information. You can learn more by simply searching everything I put my name on. Email and text everyone you know. When enough people start demanding honest answers, we will finally learn the truth to what really happened on 9/11.

    Thank you for reading this,
    Aaron M Fleszar

  2. I’m not sure what’s more hilarious, the idiotic story’s coming out of Washington daily the media is cooperating with and having to report on, or the idiotic attempts to alter, delete comments, shut down news stories, create log in errors, or post about tin foil hats after every comment discrediting the government.

    Finally, people have started to figure out that Osama Obama Biden Bin Laden is more than a coincidence. There’s a reason why Osama was pinned down, killed and thrown in the ocean immediately following the release of Obama’s doctored birth certificate. In the name of national security (job security) the feds don’t think you can handle the truth.

    Many supporters have been copying my blog postings while others have created their own blogs connecting the dots between the New World Order and the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists. What follows is a link to a site that features a number of the most wanted with their online aliases. I encourage you to draw your own conclusions and not let others influence you. 2 groups are working 24 hours a day to suppress this story, our intelligence agencies, and Al-Qaeda. Neither group wants you to learn any of this. They only want you focused on the 2012 election.

    Thank you,

  3. aaron fleszar Says:

    Breaking News!

    Sarah Palin is a spy. Everything about her is a compete fabrication.

    She was planted as McCain’s running mate to flush out those who are a part of the “New World Order.” This group consists of CEOs, wealthy elitists, and a collection of corrupt politicians with the goal of overthrowing the US government.

    Obama, much like Osama, appears to be nothing more than a spokesperson for this group. Osama Obama, Biden Bin Laden, it’s a code. The feds are trying everything to contain this from leaking out. Whether you believe this or not it is honest to God’s truth. The military is using Obama as their puppet. This is also the reason why all the CEOs who ran in the last midterm didn’t get elected.

    The majority of the media has been taken over by the feds in an effort to suppress this. Want proof? Didn’t you find it a bit odd that we caught Bin Laden 3 days after Trump, of all people, got Obama to release his birth certificate? Did you actually look at his birth certificate? After 3 or 4 days covering the death of Osama, a completely manufactured lie, the media moved onto 3 weeks of Anthony Weiner’s weener coverage. The Pentagon is not only controlling the news stories, they are also controlling the commenting. 90% of the comments you’re reading are manufactured garbage. This is what your tax dollars are paying for.

    If you want the real story about what’s going on in America then by all means read and share the following story before our democracy ceases to exist. The future of our country is in your hands. Are you going to do anything about it?

  4. Dominic Mahady Says:

    this site has been up since 2008. if all this information is the kind of information “they don’t want you to know”, surely this site should have disappeared long ago.
    i mean, really?

  5. Where do we go from HERE???”

  6. This is an email, not a comment.
    Have you seen my website
    Moving-Earth DECEPTION!!

    Kind Regards,

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