Using Internet Marketing As A Tool Against The Illuminati

Using Internet Marketing As A Tool Against The Illuminati

Author: Dennis Messick

Everyone it seems has their way of “fighting” the Illuminati. Alex Jones grabs a bullhorn, Jeff Rense has his radio show and website and David Icke wants people to get off their knees and simply say no.

Although progress has been made using these tactics we must use every available resource not only to fight back but to separate ourselves from the Illuminati’s influence over our lives.

As I have said many times, separation means more than just saying no spiritually. You must be proactive yet peaceful because conflict only helps to fuel the fire they are using to burn us with.

When I speak of separation I mean ceasing any and all enabling activities and even though many people are losing their jobs and experiencing hardships they should never have to put up with, I see this as a blessing in disguise.

Think of who you are working for and what they are using your time and labor to accomplish. You stay put for 8-12 hours a day to earn a “paycheck” which is slowly getting smaller while the Illuminati CEO’s, executives and investors are laughing at you all the way to the banks they own.

If you think they care about “job creation” I have some water front property to sell.

How serious am I about all of this? Well, 2 years ago I was “fired” simply for running my mouth about the company and their Illuminati ties. I suppose this talk was against the companies policy to be “disruptive” and yet I just couldn’t help myself exposing the corruption I witnessed. The funny thing was before I was “let go” they offered me a management position which I disrespectfully turned down.

I believe in walking the walk.

On that day I told myself I am never helping “them” make a dime off of me again. At least the best way I can and I haven’t worked for a corporation since.

Since then my focus has been on internet marketing and MLM. Finding products I support that are anti-Illuminati and can free people financially from the Illuminati’s control.

Freedom is what we all seek. Security only comes with freedom and yet both are dependant on YOUR own efforts. Do you want to be free or do you want to be taken care of by an Illuminati employer? That’s the big question.

They have made almost everyone so dependant on their system that I believe people have forgotten what it means to be free and has led to a lot of skepticism about network and internet marketing.

Which is why I am going to drive this point home, Internet Marketing can free you financially as well as spiritually. That is what it has done for me. It has also allowed me to work on ETIC and continue to grow this site.

I spend lots of time with my family and friends which is what I want the most. Our loved ones are all that we have in this world and even though most don’t agree with my philosophy in life they appreciate that I am doing my best to help people.

Internet marketing is not an easy road to take. It takes time, patience and persistence to succeed but the reality is you will not be helping the Illuminati use your efforts against you as you do working for them. That is one of the most honorable things you can do.

Remember who they are and what they have and will accomplish by playing by their rules in a game they created. It’s time we started playing our own game and using it against them.

For example, I purchase things that will help me in my goal of separating myself from them. Seeds and organic foods are big in my family. It has also allowed me to check out local family owned shops which I wasn’t able to do before. When you are at work all the time the quickest shopping you can do is at a Walmart which is an Illuminati company. And they know this.

My favorite MLM program right now is Just Been Paid. The program was designed by Frederick Mann of One of the best “anti-illuminati” sites on the net. Do a search for DMBIZ’s Just Been Paid to find me and check it out. It’s free to join and if you have never done MLM before this is a great program to get your feet wet with.

I don’t hold back either for the people who are willing to learn how to market. You will know everything I do. All you have to do is let the results speak for themselves.

Using Internet Marketing As A Tool Against The Illuminati


One Response to “Using Internet Marketing As A Tool Against The Illuminati”

  1. Candice Robbins Says:

    Let’s be straight – our internet marketing company is a boutique establishment and I know the owner personally. What if this company were to grow into an internet marketing giant? Would it be corrupted by the Illuminati? My overall question is: can someone be very rich and still against the Illuminati?

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