One of The Darkest Evils the World has ever Known

One of The Darkest Evils the World has ever Known

“If Israel were by the side of the road somewhere, every dog in town would roll in it’.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. Wasn’t it Israel that sent 50,000 African mercenaries into Libya? So… aren’t the NATO coalition now bombing, strafing and tomahawking Israel’s mercenaries? Meanwhile, isn’t the reason that the assaults didn’t stop (possibly Gadhafi doesn’t have control) is because Israel is in control of them? There’s a whole lot of irony here. Someday, lambs will suck in vengeance at the teats of irony.

Now… it’s been acknowledged that Israeli security was in charge of the Fukushima nuclear plant. The plant didn’t automatically shut down as it should have. The Stuxnet was confirmed in the computer systems near Fukushima and the US and Israel have publicly taken credit for inventing it? Please correct me if I am wrong.


One of The Darkest Evils the World has ever Known.


One Response to “One of The Darkest Evils the World has ever Known”

  1. Indeed, great penetration!

    Thus saith YHAH TSABA EL SHADDY, the Qodesh One of Yisrael, I will pour out my anger on you, my enemies!
    I myself will melt you in a smelting pot, and skim off your slag!

    And afterwards I will give you good judges and wise counselors like those you used to have.
    Then your citys shall again be called “Citys of Truth and Justice!
    Righteousness and mercy shall flowed down like-The Nile and The Euphrates Rivers in My Qodesh Land.

    This day, these words are fulfill in your hearing.

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