Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts

Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts


There used to be a saying: ”No one makes a name for himself without giving something up”

As a youngster, I was awed by people who ”made it to the top” by creating and innovating corporations, technologies, or simply establishing themselves through sports, music, entertainment, etc. thus becoming millionaires.

Now as I have grown older, I realize how illusory this paradigm really is. I came to the conclusion that if you want to reach the ”top’,’ you have to give up your soul.

Take Mark Zuckerberg for example. He is one of the most ”successful entrepreneurs” in the last decade. Having made a fortune through his Facebook empire, he reaches more than 500 million people worldwide. It seems like a fairytale. A student creates a new interface to connect the people throughout the world. Well, it sounds great doesn’t it? It would, if we were true.

Here is a good video that demonstrates that Facebook was indirectly funded by the CIA with the goal of learning and storing everything there is to know about you. Why? To monitor and ultimately control.

Again, the people have been totally duped by the Facebook-mania and can only see what they are told to see. As my friends say: ”It is to connect people and share information”. In the wake of the recent crisis in Egypt, we might add that Facebook has become not just a data-mining operation, but also a soft power proxy for crisis-creation.

Let’s look at headlines that should cast no doubt about the true character of CIAbook


Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts


5 Responses to “Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts”

  1. Bravo, magnificent idea and is timely

  2. I never trusted Facebook. Perhaps, that is why, when I first opened my account with them I made sure to make my personal information a mockery. Even now, whatever I have there is not at all true, but sarcasm.
    Facebook is not about connecting people, but about spreading trouble. Just type “I hate” in their search bar and you will see how many I hate this man and that country come up.

  3. I want to join illuminatis oder am red to sell my soul

  4. Ibra delaxhoney i want to join llluminati am ready to sell my soul satan ilove llluminati

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