Georgia Congressmans Bill Would Do Away With Drivers Licenses

Georgia Congressmans Bill Would Do Away With Drivers Licenses

This is an issue I’ve been adamant about for years and no I do not have a drivers license. In order to fully grasp this idea you may need to learn the differences between a Law and a Statute. Grab a blacks law dictionary and have at it. Research is the key.

A Republican in Georgia’s House of Representatives has introduced a bill to eliminate driver’s licenses, arguing that the documents are an unnecessary infringement on personal freedom.

Rep. Bobby Franklin, who represents the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, defended the bill to skeptical reporters on Monday, who questioned whether it would be a good idea to eliminate oversight of Georgia’s drivers.

“One of your inalienable rights is the right to travel, the right to move about without needing your papers,” Franklin told WSB in Atlanta. “You shouldn’t have to have permission from the state to exercise a right that has been inalienably given to you from your creator.”


Georgia Congressmans Bill Would Do Away With Drivers Licenses


2 Responses to “Georgia Congressmans Bill Would Do Away With Drivers Licenses”

  1. whiteyward Says:

    The effort to move a million illegals into main stream society is moving at lightening speed. Oregon also tried to let illegals drive so the logging industry could be opened to minimum wage drivers. This clown is not about Citizens travel, he wants the illegals to dilute the wages of the Citizens employed in driving.
    This is called leveling the playing field by repubs.

    • End The Illuminati Conspiracy Says:

      The issue is not the commercial use that is required to have a license but the private use. You are not obligated to hold a license to travel for pleasure yet commercially and depending on the legal use of the word “profit” you may.

      And if a business in Oregan is hiring illegals then I feel that is a punishable crime for all involved. Same goes for every state and business.

      I live in an area overrun by illegals too so I can sympathise but the state I live in is very liberal with only a hand full of republican’ts in any type of office.

      The illegals have been spreading but the fact is we the people let it happen by not paying attention to what the “governments” real agenda is and the fact that most look to others to protect what is theirs including their jobs.

      We’ve got to grow up, create “jobs” ourselves and demand the screw job over this country stops.

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