Alex Jones V For Victory Occult Propaganda

Alex Jones V For Victory Occult Propaganda

Alex Jones continues to show the world that he is an agent of the priest class elite with his promotion of this ridiculous V for Victory campaign. This cheap public relations stunt asks people to spread and even create posters that have a V symbol on it as a so called show of resistance against the Department of Homeland Security. This campaign proves yet again that Jones thinks the listeners of his radio show and the people who visit his web sites are so stupid that they won’t even recognize that the V symbol is something that has historically been associated with occult evil.


Alex Jones V For Victory Occult Propaganda


11 Responses to “Alex Jones V For Victory Occult Propaganda”

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  2. “…it would be best to use the V symbol to counter the Nazi swastika because in Hebrew it means “nail” which he felt would serve as a representation of “nails’ in the coffin for Adolf Hilter and the Nazis.”
    This is your explanation???REALY???I dont see how Hitlers death is bad thing

    • Did you read the rest of the article? If not please go and read it once more for a better understanding.

      Just remember that, that was a quote from winston churchill who was a freemason. Hitler was a member of the thule society. Two members of occult societies with members that funded both sices of the war. My belief is it was just one giant ritual sacrifice and they both knew, hence all the occult symbolism.

      V representing a “nail in the coffin” is just ridiculous.

      If you want to know more you can read this article as well.

      • Ok.But what you are saying is that alex jones i iluminati??so we should do oposit of that what he is saying??we should let world bank and big cooporations to run our lives?? It is your opinion but you dont have realy a lot to burry Alex except that “V” bullshit. If you hawe something better I would be more than happy to listen to you…

      • End The Illuminati Conspiracy Says:

        Controlled opposition.

  3. And another thing. iluminaty.. First iluminati members were scinetists like Galileo Galilei(if i wrote his name corectly)..the curch didnt like what those scientist had to say…like curch dont like what scientists have to say now.So they were burning them alive and they were forced to go uderground..and conform a group that is iluminati. Curch tells you scientists are sotonists and you belive that??? And…does anybody have a proff that they exciste?NO!….and another thing..dont freemasons and iluminati are not the same group, and they newer were! so you have a litle iluminati thing to research to keep you from solving big problems like a world bank cartel.

  4. not much of an answer but ok.

  5. I haven’t read the article yet but I agree with the premise. Alex Jones stinks like sh*t and anyone who is still defending him needs to pull their head out of their ass and look into the VAST amount of data that has been gathered pointing to him being an agent. It all comes down to many people do not WANT to SEE the TRUTH and prefer to believe he is some noble hero standing up for what is good in humanity. I won’t even list the many things that immediately come to mind when I think “Jones Agent” because anyone with two brain cells and a lick of common sense will get a feeling that something is off with this guy if you listen to him enough. He literally brainwashes his pathetic followers with NLP suggestions (like many leading truth movement assholes) and for that I say he is no better than the f*cking Illuminati.

  6. Corinne Thompson Says:

    AJ is a demon in a skin suit for sure! All he need is a lil mustache and some gas chambers to complete his plan.

  7. Hey There Endtheilluminaticonspiracy,
    Interesting Thoughts, Ministry Values and TERMINATOR SALVATION CLIP hold the quote “You are the Resistance” as does
    a new campaign with V’s all over the street fighting TYRANNY from corruption in the Government

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