2 Responses to “Illuminati New World Order Admits to Secret Social Engineering”

  1. Hi There Endtheilluminaticonspiracy,
    Interesting Post, My question is about common conceptions of them.

    Two assumptions:
    1) They’ve ruled the world, secretly, for generations.
    2) They want to bring about the “New World Order”.

    My question is, …HOW can both these statements both be true at the same time?
    If they already rule the world, how can the order they bring be “NEW”?
    And if they do NOT rule the world….well you have to admit the world is awash in evil chaos, would a NEW order be BAD?

    And I don’t believe it’s about “Noooo dude, they bring chaos so that they can establish their new world order! ” Because that’s needlessly complicated. If they are in fact already the most powerful elite in the world,(For generations!) they don’t need to gain popular approval, they just do what they please…something they apparently do anyways.

    And why would they ever want to be “above ground” anyways? If they are all closed doors and secret meetings, apparently that insulates them from all kinds of organized opposition. What on earth would be an advantage to “coming out”?
    I look forward to your next post

  2. About 99% of Americans are complete sheep including most of the world. The government elite control us and what gets taught in our schools to created future sheep who don’t think, know, or ask. Do you have sheepish behavior?

    I have to admit I know about the Illuminati and the new world order but I still am sheepish.

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