Controllers, Courts, and Consent

Controllers, Courts, and Consent

There is NO question that EVERYTHING is Trust…. everything, or we couldn’t function, in any capacity. We must “trust” one another, in order to live life on this planet.

Courts used to be Common Law courts, but they were quietly, socially-engineered to become ‘Courts of Equity’, due to the bankruptcy in 1933-34, which meant that, since there was no longer any ‘money’ in the world of Commerce ; no debts could be “paid”. The best that we can do is ‘set-off or discharge’ our debts; to be “paid” at a later date. Ergo, courts now operate under ‘Trust’ law. We used to think that they operated under Contract Law, and they do, but, all contracts are built into Trust Law.

The main distinction between Contract law and Trust law is that Contract law requires full disclosure to all parties and Trust law does not.


Controllers, Courts, and Consent


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