Coerced Confessions- A Corporate Abuse by Ralph Nader

Coerced Confessions- A Corporate Abuse by Ralph Nader

Even though the New World Order/Illuminati operate in the open I have come to realize that their main bread and butter of the agenda start and end with your job. I’ve also come to realize that many of the lesser known corporations seem to be the wheels that are keeping their agenda moving. Utilizing fear and coercion as their main weapons to keep you in place. So as my continuing highlight on one of these corporations I bring you an article written by Ralph Nader about one of the most manipulative scumbag book-cooking drug running corporations not even in most of your cross-hairs yet, but should be. Autozone. This article only details the tactics used for the treatment of their employees but I believe you will get the idea of what this company is really about. Protecting the globalist agenda.

by Ralph Nader
In a recent column I wrote about police interrogation tactics that lead a surprising number of people to confess to crimes they didn’t commit. It turns out that corporate America has followed suit. Many large corporations take a “loss prevention” approach that utilizes training manuals modeled after the leading police manuals — using the very techniques that cause false confessions. Indeed, the group that produces the leading manual, John Reid and Associates, boasts about its infiltration into loss prevention.

When a large chain finds money missing (which, needless to say, happens often), and is convinced that one of its employees is guilty of theft, in come trained interrogators with well-honed tactics of isolating the individual and cutting off all escape routes until he feels he is better off confessing – even if he’s innocent. (The June 2005 issue of Scientific American Mind features an excellent discussion of the prevailing interrogative methods and their perils titled True Crimes, False Confessions by Saul M. Kassin and Gisli H. Gudjonsson).

It’s even worse in the case of private companies than the police, because they don’t have to issue Miranda warnings and give employees the opportunity to consult an attorney and remain silent. Instead, they place the defenseless employee in a small, claustrophobic room and systematically break down his will – confronting him with fabricated evidence of his guilt, threatening to fire him instantly (and get the police involved) unless he confesses and promising leniency if he does so.

Last month, we learned more about the way this works from a trial in the Superior Court of San Diego County. A civil jury struck a blow for corporate accountability, socking AutoZone with a verdict of $7.5 million in punitive damages.


Coerced Confessions- A Corporate Abuse by Ralph Nader


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