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The Gathering Darkness and Its Inescapable Destiny

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The Gathering Darkness and Its Inescapable Destiny

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Here’s how it has to be and how it damn well better be. B.P. needs to be seized by The World Court or some body of influence and all of its assets commandeered. Its executives must be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity. Its stockholders must be placed last in line for financial satisfaction of any claims they may have. The intentionally criminal behavior which caused this massive environmental disaster is only one of the reasons. Here is another and there are many more as well.

The government of the United States is in bed with these clowns and should also be judged accordingly. Obama was groomed and put into the White House by Zionist, Jewish money and they own him. Ergo, they are behind whatever policy he makes, including the attempt to put that psychopathic, Goldman Sachs whore, Kagan, on the Supreme Court. The beauty of her being shines in her countenance (rrrrraaaalllph!).


The Gathering Darkness and Its Inescapable Destiny