New Utah Law To Shield Pedophiles

New Utah Law To Shield Pedophiles

‘In a classic “misdirect” that claims to benefit victims, the State of Utah is considering a law that would make interviews with victims of abuse off limits to the media, including this site. With a legal system that continues to protect the perpetrators at the expense of the victims, Utah is seeking to take away the only tool left for dealing with these Satanic and Psychopathic Deviants, public exposure and humiliation of the perpetrators.

Lets face it folks, freedom of speech and of the Press no longer exists in the traditional, Illuminati owned media. It does. however, exist on the internet on sites like this one. As I have stated in the past, the only ones that seek to protect perpetrators are other perpetrators.

Utah’s history in dealing with Satanic Ritual and Sex Abuse is as jaded as its history of political corruption. Anne’s story is a classic case of not prosecuting Satanists in politically corrupt Utah.’


New Utah Law To Shield Pedophiles


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