New World Order Agenda Includes Corporate Agenda

New World Order Agenda Includes Corporate Agenda

When people think of the New World Order/ Illuminati and corporations I suppose they think of corporations like Microsoft, Walmart and BP. However, there are some that never get recognized and fly completely under the radar even though they operate exactly the same as the top tier corporations. I’d like to expose one of them that most never think about and hopefully put a dent in the Illuminatis armor.

Autozone has over 4,000 stores in America, Mexico and Puerto Rico with it’s head quarters in Memphis, Tn., an Illuminati stronghold. The company was started by Joseph R. “Pitt” Hyde III after taking over and quickly expanding his grandfathers grocery store business into drug stores, sporting goods and just about anything else that will allow him to cheat people out of their hard earned living.

All of this happened in lighting fashion and doesn’t surprise me when you take in the fact that he graduated from The University of North Carolina in 1968. I gather that he met some very influential people during his time at UNC and was possibly in the Order of Gimghoul. A lesser known secret society put in place to control the non-ivy league school but yields just as much power as Skull and Bones.

In 1988 “Pitt” sold off the entire company to Fleming Companies, Inc., a globalist food conglomerate, making him millions. “Pitt” was the first CEO of Super D Drug Stores, was on the board of directors of Walmart and Fed Ex, was the youngest CEO on the Stock Exchange, heads a real estate investment firm specializing in project housing, co-founded Memphis Tomorrow, an organization of 26 CEOs from the city’s largest corporations with a “goal of addressing issues critical to the future development and growth of Memphis.” ( suppose that means more projects ). He is also considered to be a force for economic, civic and cultural progress in the world according to his bio on Worthington Hyde Partners. Hmm, sounds like he’s important, top of the pyramid so to speak.

In 1979 he started Autoshack with one store and 25 employees. Within 1 year he had 8 stores and in 2 years had over 30 stores nationwide. The name change from Autoshack to AutoZone came when the company was sued by Radio Shack. Simple enough.

That was the founder now lets look at another former CEO, Steve Odland. Steve Odland is now the chairmen of Office Depot. He is a Director of General Mills, a member of the Business Roundtable, a commissioner on the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission, a member of the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation; a U.S. Presidential Appointee, President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, a member of the Advisory Council, Institute for Corporate Ethics, a member of the Advisory Council, University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business, and a member of the Florida Council of 100.

Steve Odland has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from The University of Notre Dame, and a Master’s of Management degree from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. There seems to be tons of connections for this guy as he continues to get rewarded for his Illuminati company management skills with more phony bologna chair seats.

Next is the man who is helping to cover the embezzling tracks of this Illuminati front company…CEO William C. Rhodes III. With over 12 years in this infamous company he has always served in executive roles. In 2008 alone he made very close to 3 million in income from this Illuminati front while the average employee slaved for around $17,000. ( not a liveable wage by any standards. )

He graduated from University of Tennessee at Martin with an accounting degree then went on to get his master of business administration from the University of Memphis and is a public accountant which means he knows how to hide crooked money. He currently serves on several community and industry board; Memphis Tomorrow, Partners Board of the FedEx Institute of Technology, and the National Civil Rights Museum (Treasurer). All fronts by the way.

He began his career with another Illuminati front (yes they are everywhere and operate like a spreading cancer) Ernst and Young. This is from their website: Ernst & Young is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction, advisory services and strategic growth markets. We aim to have a positive impact on businesses and markets, as well as on society as a whole. Their real goal is to help the rich get richer by finding ways to embezzle and find more avenues to enslave the poor so they can get taken for everything the have left on a global scale. If that doesn’t scream Illuminati agenda then I don’t know what does.

Autozone is a company that prides itself on screwing the customer and general employees by purposely keeping a revolving door of low paid employees and by hiking prices ( some as high as 600% which also tells you the quality of the products they sell because they are still considered “low in cost” by the consumer who doesn’t know any better).

They train employees to manipulate the customer into buying items they never wanted. The threaten and con employees also into doing the corporate dirty work such as snitching with either firings or promotions. Some just won’t play their game they get rid of the employee and replace them with someone else. Which in turn still serves the agenda. The employee got replaced with a new person to brainwash for less of an income.

Now, when you look at companies like this or Walmart I believe part of the Illuminati agenda is to get working men and women to accept low pay or even soon to be no pay as a part of life. Low pay that is accepted means that the employee never knows that they are being cheated. Then they are forced to shop at places that sell cheap goods under the guise that they are saving a buck. But, I believe with higher pay in an ideal world there is no need for the Walmarts or the Autozone to exist as you will be able to afford real quality. Then when you take in the fact that the only reason we even have cheap goods is because companies are aloud to outsource to poor countries like Mexico or Sudan and use the blood, sweat and tears of those people for about 12 cents and hour. Oh, and they have to pay rent and fees to these corporation just to live so that 12 cents soon becomes no cents which is utterly fucking nonsense.

Just a quick note, anytime one of the fronts outsource to countries like Mexico it’s really nothing more for them than an easier way to traffic drugs and child prostitutes across borders.

Now, I was thinking of ways to help put an end to all of this. Obviously a very large effort and sacrifice on all of our parts will have to be made. Violently I’d like to go to every politicians, world leaders, CEO’s and everyone involved with the Illuminatis Agenda and just punch them in the jaw, just once. But, peacefully I think if we all get together and pick a day to just walk out of our jobs no matter how much you make or how much you love your job and to not shop or deal with any of their fronts ever again then they be exposed for what they are and will topple…hard. That will be the knock out blow! This is something I think David Icke or even Alex Jones would get on board with.

Planning is key. Store food, water, start growing your own crops and learn how to barter because this will be our key to survival without them or their corrupt lop sided system intervening. Knowing what they do, how they do it and who they are is only half the battle, taking action against them is the other part. It’s our time to start making things right and to start sacrificing for what we believe in. Are you in?

more on autozone corruption from ripoff report:

First let me state that I have been employed with this company for the over 3 years now. Within that span of time I’ve had many customers,situations and events arise within the store I work. Let me be the first to tell that Autozone does not always conduct business in professional manner. One of main reason I believe Autozone doesn’t conduct itself well is that the fact “Autozone ” is in the parts selling business. There not interested in Hiring qualified mechanics or people with extreme parts knowledge. There in the business of Hiring “Sells People”, its in Autozones best interest to hire people with minimum parts knowledge, pay them a low wage and expect them to move as much product as possible. Thats why its so hard to get the right part the first time, and any person that has major parts knowledge is not going to work for the wages Autozone has to offer. With that being said ….

Let the Insider be first to tell you Autozone does not offer Quality parts, they can order them. Autozone offers a low quality product with a life time warranty at a low price. We have to remember now that we live in a economy where you really get what you pay for. Within the last 3 years i’ve replaced the Alternator in my truck twice both times the Alternator went bad it was the Brand New Duralast Gold Series, first one lasted 6 months. Next is my wifes car, i’ve replace the Rotors 3 Time (3 Times) and the pads 3 times. The Rotors were also the Duralast Series with 2 year warranty I just put the third set on this week both pirior sets lasted no more than 8 months. The Pads were also the Duralast Series both lasting about 8 months. I just now switched over to a different brand pad after not having very good luck with the Duralast Brand. I have to thank my wife for being so patient with me for dealing with Autozone poor quality products, even when you buy there best product its still not that great.
Also over the last 3 years I can not count how many Motors and Transmissions have come back to us because they were a faulty or defective product. With in the last few months Autozone has switch Engine/Transmissin suppliers to different companies becuase this has become such a huge problem. I had a recent customer who is a local mechanic who is being sued by his customer for labor/installation charges for a faulty motor “which was supposed be be brand new ” I watched it get order through VDP . This kinda stuff happens all the time

Next Topic WITTGTJDR ” What It Takes To Get The Job Done Right ” I was reading about a Former Employee that wrote about his Manager threating to write him up for not selling WITTGTJDR, I don’t think it was as bad as he made it out to be but I can testify that I have received similar Threats. Heres a great Example I got yelled by my Store Manager for selling Bulb Grease with a Battery, it was not until he stop chewing me out and trying to make me feel like an idiot for selling Bulb Grease with a Battery that I Informed that we were OUT OF STOCK on Battery Terminal Grease and the Battery Terminal Grease and Bulb Grease are the same thing in different package. What the big deal to him was that we did not received Sells Points. Every Autozone Store has sales points so the Corporate Office can see how much and what products are being moved. To get Full points on a Brake Sale you need to sell the customer Brake Pads,Brake Parts Cleaner, Adhesive for the back of the Pads, Slider Pin lube, brake fluid, Hand Cleaner and finally Shop Towels, this is a perfect sale Corporate Autozone World. Its gotten so bad that in my store, before I can even tell or explain to a customer as to why they might need Slider Pin lube, its already scotch taped to the Brake Product. I Can’t even grab a Light Bulb off the shelf for a customers without there being a packet of bulb grease in way. I understand the need for these products but Autozone is very Pushy with it comes to WITTGTJDR.

Every Morning each Autozone District has Conference Call. On these morning Calls each store manager is on a voice conference where the District Manager Reviews each store in the district on there Sales,WITTGTJDR and most importantly THE CHECK OUT CHALLENGE. After a Year of Sales Autozone puts together an average for that store, of how much product and which products the corporate office feels we need to focus our sales on.At this point the District Manager will review the sales of the day prior and he’ll look and see if there has been sale of brake pads, light bulbs, batteries ECT … and he can tell if we have sold WITTGTJDR with these Products. If we haven’t sold WITTGTJDR with these product is when we get Chewed out. Since your on a Conference Call all Store Managers are listening in while the District Manager Belittles you on the phone for all to hear and then asks you why you can’t move as much WITTGTJDR as another store. On our last conference call were told that sales without WITTGTDJR count Against the store, thats another reason Autozone is so Pushy with it.

Customers you need to be Aware of any product that bares the name DURALAST, its just a name to reel you in. Duralast think about the name for just one mintue.
Duralast product aren’t much different that the ValueCraft brand that they offer with the only exception that Duralast carries a Life Time Warranty. Unless you buy Duralast Gold just about everything comes Remanufactured from Mexico.

Heres a Useful Tip customers get a Quote from Autzone because Kragen has to beat Autozone prices by 5%, you can get the same product and warranty for a cheaper price.

Hope fully you ALL Read this I’ve seen many upset people posting about this Company and I’ve also read a lot of the comments that seem to be left by many Brain Washed Autozone Managers. Its Time to stand up against this Corporate business. Wake Up People .

I hope that you have found this information helpful, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to respond, I have over 3 years of stories and situations that I can refer back too and comment on with the way this company conducts itself.

New World Order Agenda Includes Corporate Agenda


2 Responses to “New World Order Agenda Includes Corporate Agenda”

  1. All is very true its just so evident but people are desparate to just
    get things running or repaired so their daily routines or life is not
    interrupted.Those AZ refurbs are nothing more than resellable
    scrap to last for a short period if you are lucky.This business setup
    is also to keep people rebuying,returning and customer complaining.
    The same old corporate dirty snake hands washed over & over at
    the expense of poor uneducated consumers to keep them in a gridlock’d
    unreliable manufactured parts prison that is designed to keep spinning
    the dependency wheel.This is a well planned,well thought out real conspiracy & has absolutely little to do with quality of parts or merchandise or even prices but to forever keep you chained to buying,
    coming in to have something replaced or fix or upgraded.Consumer
    slaverism is the name of the game here its time to stop kicking the
    ball for them.Every merchandise that is made whether in factory or assembly lines is stamped with a price then sold right back to us
    after we have made it.We have been fools to participate in
    our own ignorance/slavery time to shut it down..

  2. sameepneema Says:

    fuck the corporate world and love only science. do not trust corporate for the cause they love only money and money. there is no emotion to them but money.The only difference between the pirates and corporate people is the way they snatch your money and attention and peace of mind. the pirates snatch it with the help pf weapons and corporates sell them the weapons. corporates are the devils on this earth and nothing more. so, stay being a human and not corporate.

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