The Illuminati Push To Make Pedophila Legal

The Illuminati Push To Make Pedophila Legal

‘The Illuminati is a powerful satanic cult which practises pedophilia, incest and every sort of sexual deviance. It tries to make society adopt its degrading behavior. Illuminati controlled media and entertainers saturate us with pornographic images and sexualize children. Schools are promoting sex to children beginning at age six. Homosexual techniques are taught in high school.

However, pedophiles are still severely condemned, as well they should. The question is, given the Illuminati agenda, how long can this taboo against pedophilia last? I am always interested in how society treats these cases.’


The Illuminati Push To Make Pedophila Legal


2 Responses to “The Illuminati Push To Make Pedophila Legal”

  1. Shocking! I hope I never see this in my lifetime! Nice blog you got here by the way, fancy exchanging links?

  2. FYI and thank you. There is a new Christian guide out on the rearing of children which Amazon is planing to replace the Pedophiles Guide with now that it can be purchased as an ebook. The new paper back guide is tentatively called. ¨A Holy Whipping is NOT a Pedophiles Licking¨. And there are all sorts of appropriate punishments in it that can be used by the Christian family for everything from making the child eat hot jalapeño peppers for using the wrong words…to other more sever but not as ¨scaring¨ punishments.

    And there is an entire chapter devoted to telling in such beauty that we are not animals like K9s or bears who lick and preen their young to bond with them. And that for the sake of the child´s sexual maturity affection should be held to a minimum and only used sparingly as a reward for positive behavior. B.F. Skinner is mentioned in the preface as being among those the author strongly admires.

    Thank you once again for pointing this out. You should feel very proud.

    Dr LaBra

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