Alex Jones On Pat Tillman Murder

Alex Jones On Pat Tillman Murder

Alex Jones On Pat Tillman Murder


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  1. Thanks for your info…

    When journalists used the Freedom of Information to get from the Pentagon
    the army doctor’s autopsy report, it stated the army doctors had asked for a homicide investigation – and were turned down by the army. They stated that the three shots to the forehead were so close together in pattern, that the person responsible had to have been around 30 feet away. When asked why they shot at their own men, with virtually all of them waving their arms in the ceasefire signal, they claimed they had “tunnel vision”. After the first volley at Pat, they reloaded and fired again. Pat used a smoke grenade. Huge billowing cloud of smoke appears. A sargeant lights a flare. (It’s daylight). They still shoot at him. The driver, Satyre, claims he recognized them as Army Rangers IMMEDIATELY. Yet, during both lulls in firing, does not get this across to the other 3 in the vehicle, somehow. He also does not turn around and hightail it out of there, but continues to advance towards Tillman, who is constantly giving the ceasefire signal. The killer sees that he is doing this and acknowledges that he saw it, but fires anyway. (Read Boots on the Ground, Mary Tillman).

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