Timothy Mcveigh Still Alive?

Timothy Mcveigh Still Alive?

Lorraine Day, M.D.

Tim McVeigh was supposedly executed by lethal injection after he was found guilty of the Oklahoma bombing. He was just another one of those disenchanted “lone bombers” (like “lone gunman”) who just wanted to blow up a lot of people, or so the press would have you believe. They suggested that he was upset with the government over the Waco disaster, so detonated a fertilizer bomb that destroyed most of the Murrah Building and killed over a hundred innocent people, including many children.

We won’t go into the extensive evidence showing that Tim McVeigh did not blow up the building.

Right now we’ll just look at the facts of Tim McVeigh’s supposed execution.

As a physician, keeping close watch on the commercial news, I KNEW for a fact, they had no intention of executing Tim McVeigh, for reasons I will soon disclose.

Tim McVeigh was not a disgruntled member of some rag-tag militia. He worked for the CIA. But this was a false flag operation, meaning a purposeful disaster planned against a government’s own citizens, in this case the U.S. government against U.S. citizens, to frighten the people, to get them to surrender their rights willingly, and to further the government’s goals of increased control. Primarily, it was done by the U.S. Government in order to get the Anti-Terrorist legislation passed – which, indeed, DID happen within weeks of the Oklahoma bombing.

In America, these False Flag operations have happened many times in the past, most notably at Pearl Harbor. The goal of the government at that time was to frighten the people enough to make them willing to go to war and die, or to be willing to send their sons to war to die, but NOT for freedom, but instead, to further the aims of the One World Government run by the Illuminati/Zionist Jews. Those terms will soon be defined on my website home page.

Back to Time McVeigh’s supposed execution

1. After a prisoner is sentenced to death, he has many chances for appeal and they virtually all take them, anxious to stay alive at any cost. Yet Tim McVeigh asked for his execution date to be moved up. That is almost unheard of.

2. While in prison, Tim McVeigh was visited numerous times, apparently 18 times, by a psychiatrist named Dr. Louis Jollyon West, often referred to as Dr. Jolly West. Dr. West was the chairman of the department of Psychiatry at UCLA, but his real job was as a CIA asset, in charge of the MK Ultra Mind Control program.
Dr. West had also paid visits to Sirhan Sirhan, another supposed lone gunman, accused of killing Robert Kennedy, but in reality a product of the CIA mind control program, set up as the patsy.

Dr. West was also the psychiatrist employed by the government to evaluate the “mental condition” of Jack Ruby after he shot Lee Harvey Oswald. You may not know that when Ruby was interrogated, he told the FBI that there was a huge conspiracy surrounding the JFK assassination and he could only expose it if they moved him to a safe place – which they refused to do.

Naturally, the government, who was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy through the Zionist Jewish controlled CIA and the Zionist Jewish controlled mafia, wanted Ruby to be declared mentally ill to debunk his talk of conspiracy. Dr. West was happy to comply with the diagnosis of mental illness for Jack Ruby.

3. Before Tim McVeigh’s scheduled execution, the state announced that none of his organs would be donated after his execution. This very strange. A state OWNS the body of an executed prisoner, and can receive $200,000 or more for the body parts of a young healthy specimen like McVeigh.

4. Before his execution, the state announced that Tim McVeigh’s medical records would be sealed for 25 years. The question is, Why?
5. Tim McVeigh’s lawyers petitioned a judge to rule that no autopsy would be done on his body after his execution, a highly unusual request.
6. The IV that was supposed to deliver the lethal injection dose to Tim McVeigh was placed, of all places, in his leg! I knew right then that they were NOT going to execute him. This was a fake execution, to pacify the families of the victims involved in the bombing disaster.
The public doesn’t understand what every surgeon and anesthesiologist knows very well. There is no large vein close enough to the skin surface in the leg to place a large enough needle or catheter to deliver the proper dose that would reach the vital organs fast enough to kill a person cleanly. It would be a mess.

IVs are placed in the arm, hand, occasionally in the foot, but not in the foot for extensive or difficult procedures, and certainly not in the foot or leg for an execution. If an IV cannot be placed in one of these upper extremity locations because of previous injury with scarring, or some other reason, then a small incision is made in the area near the clavicle to gain access to a large vein going directly to the heart.

7. One of the witnesses at Tim McVeigh’s supposed execution was Susan Carlson, a reporter for WLS-AM Radio in Chicago. She stated on the air that McVeigh “ appeared to be still breathing or what appeared to be shallow breathing, even after being pronounced dead, and his eyes remained open.”
There were ten media people present and no one contradicted her. But the mass media in Chicago, including apparently her own radio station, immediately suppressed her story.

In case ANYONE doesn’t know this, when a person is DEAD, he does NOT continue to breathe – even to breathe “shallowly.” When a person is DEAD, he doesn’t breathe AT ALL!

Why would the government go to such great lengths to DECEIVE the public with a FAKE execution?

First of all, Tim McVeigh is a valuable asset for the CIA, particularly if he is under mind control, an almost certainty because of his many visits from Dr. “Jolly” West. They’ve invested much time and money in his programming and he performed well – he kept his mouth shut (unlike Lee Harvey Oswald who declared for the TV cameras when he was arrested, “I didn’t do it. I’ve been made a patsy!”). A little plastic surgery, a name change, and Tim McVeigh will be off on another CIA project.

And as I stated earlier, the government wanted closure to this event – the Oklahoma Bombing, to get it off the front pages, to satisfy the families of the victims that the “guilty” one was now dead, and to attempt to put a stop to the investigation of the truth by many on the internet who have exposed the government’s involvement. The CIA particularly, wanted to put this whole matter to rest – permanently.

But that will never happen until the full truth has been brought to light.

One other interesting twist to this story. The person who was involved in choosing the people who would observe Tim McVeigh’s execution was none other than Chandra Levy, the young intern in the Bureau of Prisons who had an ongoing affair with a married California Congressman, Gary Condit.

But Chandra Levy would not live to see McVeigh’s execution. She was murdered before his execution took place.

Why would someone at the low level of an intern be involved in such an important mission as this? Well, it turns out that Chandra Levy was not so “low-level” after all. Apparently she was working with the Israeli Mossad and had computer access to a significant amount of rather high-level sensitive information in the Bureau of Prisons and other governmental areas.

Maybe she learned “too much” and had to be eliminated by the Mossad! Then, as in any “good” False Flag operation, apparently they tried to set up Gary Condit as the “fall guy.”

Tim McVeigh’s first execution date was set for May 16, 2001 but was postponed until June 11, 2001. Chandra Levy disappeared from her home sometime between May 1 and May 9, 2001, a time when she had planned to go back to California to receive her graduate degree. But there is evidence that she was turned up briefly in Israel during that time, right before she permanently “disappeared.”

On May 22, 2002, her skeletal remains were found in Washington’s Rock Creek Park where a year earlier, shortly after her disappearance, a massive police search had produced no results.

Could her disappearance and murder have been a result of her inside knowledge about McVeigh’s coming fake execution? Or had she been caught snooping in unauthorized computer areas where she may have had access to inside information on the coming 9/11 World Trade Center False Flag operation?

I will have more on Chandra Levy on this website in the future.


Timothy Mcveigh Still Alive?


20 Responses to “Timothy Mcveigh Still Alive?”

  1. cuenicorn Says:

    sounds nuts but some interesting facts, im intrigued.

  2. I was listening until you got onto the zionist conspiracy mode. I do agree with that assumption and would have to examine how you arrived at your conclusion. On the face of it, it sounds like blatant anti-Semitism.

  3. Abaddon Says:

    What so you heard something you didn’t like and stopped listening?
    well done mind control slave you are well programmed

  4. wow ain’t this some shit.

  5. Lorraine Day is so absorbed by her hate for “zionists” that she sees jew conspiracies everywhere! That overwhelming hate has probably contributed to her cancer. It’s also why she was banned for life from Rense’s show. It’s a shame, because I agree there are some strange facts surrounding the OKC bombing, but Day turns away possible open minded individuals with her baseless prejudice.


  6. This is why the government can get away with this crap right under everyone’s nose………..because everyone is so blind and closeminded! Because if they were to believe, they would have to give up their easy lives!!! Get up off their fat, lazy asses, and actually care and do something about what is going on in our government!! Where are all the men like the men who started this country????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The men that started this country were a bunch of racist, self serving, lying, thieving, murdering, raping, tyrants. Let’s not forget, this country was STOLEN from the Native Americans! We won’t even get into what the “great men” that started this country did to African Americans for God sake. That’s the problem with you damn Americans. You reminisce on this imaginary heyday and time of great integrity in this country. Well NEW FLASH: IT NEVER EXISTED! This “great country” was built on tyranny and deception ever since it’s inception. If you people can’t even face those basic, fundamental, and indisputable facts then just how the hell do you think people are going to face the current atrocities committed by the US government towards it’s own people? OH THE IRONY LOL!!!

  7. simon r humphries Says:

    Timothy Mcveigh- to me as an Australian who has had the misfortune of growing up around a large proportion of jews in his community- is clearly a racial jew, and I cant believe that Americans (real ones) dont notice this.
    If they (zion) werent out for “tob shebbe goyyim harog” they would have picked a less “white bread” target to proffesionaly demolish than the murrah building in Oklahoma city. . .wouldnt they? I actually found Miss Day’s article because I didnt think they really killed this jew either.

  8. Jayme Langford Says:

    Re: it being unusual that his organs were not donated

    The World Medical Association and the Transplantation Society both ban the use of organs from convicted criminals.

  9. Simon R Humphries Says:

    Death by “Lethal injection” leaves a “Machiavellian” window of opportunity that it should not. This is why Justice must be SEEN to be done. Just imagine that if they did not like your “Black Ass” and where you will wake up , it truly makes me shudder. . .Prisoners should be able to choose the rope or squad if they wish to, as I agree with capital punishment. Lorraine Days website (the original war against you) was taken down because of me showing this info to some people. . .Believe it or not.

  10. HEY! You deleted my comment? I’ll repost…

    “6. The IV that was supposed to deliver the lethal injection dose to Tim McVeigh was placed, of all places, in his leg! I knew right then that they were NOT going to execute him. This was a fake execution, to pacify the families of the victims involved in the bombing disaster.
    The public doesn’t understand what every surgeon and anesthesiologist knows very well. There is no large vein close enough to the skin surface in the leg to place a large enough needle or catheter to deliver the proper dose that would reach the vital organs fast enough to kill a person cleanly. It would be a mess.”

    This is when I knew you were full of shit. There’s an ARTERY in the groin. What “surgeons and anesthesiologists” are YOU talking to? For the average person, watch “Hannibal” when Lecter stabs a pickpocket in the upper leg. The man says “He tried to get my balls, but he missed” and then dies of blood loss about 15 seconds later. There is MASSIVE bloodflow through the region.

      SORRY, RUSS.

      • That’s absolutely incorrect. My father was once bitten by a brown recluse spider and the one place they *were* able to get an IV inserted into was the groin artery. An anesthesiologist is no different.

  11. david palmer Says:

    were is the proof of the cia and mossad connections its not a conspiracy theory but a speculation theory.lol.

  12. You people are talking about ARTERIES in the groin….NOT VEINS! I am 99.99% sure that a “lethal injection” would be given INTRA-VEINOUSLY (not intra-arterial). A lethal dose given in the femoral artery (Groin) would have to travel through all the leg and foot’s muscles, to the arteriole beds, as the oxygen in the blood is used by the legs tissues…..then, the oxygen depleted blood would be returned (with whats left of the lethal toxin), through all the small veins in that leg into larger veins, to the heart, then to lungs, re-oxygenated, back to the heart where then…it is pumped to the vital organ(including heart and brain). Fact is veinous is the most direct and only route that make sense and would deliver the majority or the dose to the vitals. DR. DAY IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT ON THIS PART!!!

  13. If you have ever seen Tim McVeigh’s Death Certificate, where it says (occupation at time of death), instead of saying (Federal Death Row Inmate), it says, (Soldier U.S. Army). Not a questionable mistake, but a deliberate left behind clue for those that know what to look for.

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