1. whew what a long post. James A Traficant former congressman was released from jail today after serving more than 7 years in prison. He defended himself in trial exercising the rights you mention and what did it garner him?

  2. Thank you so much for this information. I peel back one layer of the onion, and another is revealed. I was once asked, “So the lawyers and judges must know about this, right?” It is comforting to know that there are good people in the system, in various states of ignorance and moral dilemma.

  3. Please do a Google search for:

    “President Obama has changed the Military Oath”

    It comes up with a bunch of articles that this is a hoax, and that the original source was a satire piece. Can you address this? Because one piece of bad information can mean additional pieces of bad information, and people can and will take (incorrect?) action based of what you’ve written here.

  4. Could you please post the pictures/proof/reports behind your claims? I’ve an open mind, but it’ll take a touch more than a bajillion exclamation points to believe that, for example, plastic coffins are being stockpiled in New Jersey as we speak. I mean, I DO believe that if there were plastic coffins being stockpiled anywhere, they’d be in New Jersey, of all places — but I’m not quite sure where you’re getting all this from. Give me primary sources.

  5. MindSpirit333 Says:

    Great article and true information! This info can also be found in “The Lawyer’s Secret Oath” – http://www.apfn.org/apfn/secretoath.htm

    The comments left above are from federal agents hired by the gov… the DHS is trying to counterattack REAL information (you know, unlike the propaganda machine from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN etc…) by having their govt trolls commenting on blogs/social networks to stir up strife, cause confusion/dissention & to pit us against one another.

    We have the NUMBERS, and Big Govt ( I mean the International Banksters of course) Obama & his Czars are the puppets, are trying to combat the amount of truth Americans have access to now. What they like to do is insult us (Koolaid Drinkers, lol? Tinfoil hattish?) and call us names (Conspiracy Theorist)… Because they know how Mind Control works and these WORDS will resonate negatively in the mind of the average brainwashed American citizen.

    An ex-CIA agent came out and said, “We call an individual a conspiracy theorist when they’re gettijng too close to the truth.” Yep, that sums it up!

    We The People must END THE FED… a criminal banking cartel set up unconstitutionally, read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, and then get back to a Limited Constitutional Govt. What they fear most is an eduacted populace… and I would also say, with the conviction to set things right again. 🙂

  6. I found your post on my (almost) daily obsession with blog searching. Thanks for the informative blog post as I can certainly appreciate all of the hard work that goes into maintaining a site like this! Thanks again.

  7. the restless Says:

    I commend you for your act of selflessness, and for all of our sakes I hope none of this is true. However, based on all of the research I have done regarding the Illuminati, Bilderberg and control of the banking system over the US, I am compelled to believe every word you say. In the very least, it is clear to me that our government is a facade operating under the authority of those who greed for money and power with little regard for the overall sanctity of humanity. Unfortunately, I see no solution as they are too powerful and we are all too weak while seeking comfort and are divided amongst ourselves. Jesus said “If you do not have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” The right to bear arms is just another illusion that gives us the belief that we have the power to rebel when needed.

  8. If the Founding Fathers were as morally corrupt as you say, and acted out of pure greed and selfishness, then they were also really, really stupid because the outcome of their actions was a disaster for so many of them.

  9. I hope that this info is correct because I’m going to court next month and I intend on using the information providied to defend myself in court. I will let you know how it turns out.

  10. Joie Honig Says:

    Thankyou for this post, I am a big big fan of this web site would like to proceed updated.

  11. It must suck for you living day by day knowing in detail all this stuff. i have been reasearching conspiracy theories for the past couple days and it just depresses the shit outta me. I do believe a lot of it to be true, but the reason people call you crazy is because even if what your saying is true, you still sound like a crazy person. your article is a lot like reading someone talk about religion. You can really tell you believe everything your saying and all your proof is in history books much like religion…so until the committee of rich smart gifted men come clean or if their caught red handed, your always gonna sound like a crazy person…. just be crazy, do something crazy to expose them so they dont think your crazy ha.

  12. Deference to website author , some superb selective information .

  13. How can you be a judge and spell niche wrong (nitch)? Also, your use of exclamations is way too often. You are a fraud.


  14. Factual sources should be considered, anonymous authors who hide their identity for whatever reason, who can neither be confirmed or have their comments substantiated, or verified as fact shouldn’t be. We have no way of knowing if this individual was actually a judge or not, and if he was what does it say about his character if he remained on the bench and made little effort to right all the wrong he was witnessing? We have no idea if the person who wrote this was who he claims to be. I would only consider a source from an absolutely factual entity to sway my own judgment, and effectively formulate my own opinions.

  15. I believe most of this information to be true. All of his indexed information can be verified. I will check into the part about Obama changing the oath from the Constitution to the POTUS. Not sure if that one is true. I also agree about this person not being a judge. Sounds very unlikely, yet very passionate and well researched work. Understandable to have use such emotion. It can be very depressing to really know the truth, and then you get very mad and sometimes too worked up to be objective in your writing.
    There is a youtube video to watch based on the book “The Creature From Jekyl Island”, and it’s called “The American Dream”. It’s an animated movie about our Gov’t and The Bankers. If you need a place to start with all of this information, that’s where you should begin.

  16. Frank Blanco Says:

    i read this post till i fell asleep an finished it when i woke back up, im in the music biz, and i def will incorporate all of this into my music. im sure all of this information gathered mustve taken alot of research and organizing into what is the post we all read. the feeling i had after finishing is , LETS DO SOMETHING. lets not sit back and wait YEARS to think back to this moment and say , DAMN THAT GUY WASNT LYING. that is ignorance of the highest degree. i say its ironic one of my album titles is labled corrupt world. an this info. fits PERFECT with it. ill do my part and spread the word. jus wanna say thanx to the creator of this website, it gives people like me a sense of purpose, motivation, to actually make a difference. the REVOLUTION IS NOW.!!!!! any one interested in listening link is below.


  17. Thank you for putting this information out for people to read. They need to know the truth. Bravo for your efforts to reveal it! May God bless you always!

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