2 Responses to “Kate Gosselin and The Southern Poverty Law Center MK-Ultra Gang in Disneyland”

  1. excellent post! ck out Kissinger’s latest MK-bot from Alaska…manifesting all signs of a MK Prog’md Multiple

  2. AnnaMossity Says:

    I’d just like to pass on a little nugget of information to some of your, shall we say, “less enlightened” comment-makers under this article [At LEAST 6 out of the 37 or so total]: It is ENTIRELY possible to be anti-Israel, to deplore the actions and politics that this country has perpetrated, without being OVERTLY racist and hateful. You CAN hate Israel without hating “the Joos,” as one of you so eloquently put it; Anti-Semitism in the United States is SO very quaint and retro!!!

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