Bill Gates: Controlling Hurricanes

Bill Gates: Controlling Hurricanes

From the “would you, could you, with a boat department”. Bill goes macro. The Simpsons are cited by patent watcher.

Patent watcher “theodp,” who tipped us off to the filings, says he was reminded of “The Simpsons” as he read through them. “The richest man in the world hatches a plan to alter weather and ecology in return for insurance premiums and fees from governments and individuals,” he writes. “It’s got kind of a Mr. Burns feel to it, no?”

I guess Bill has been talking to the G-8 people and their temperature control ideas. Note to Bill: nature will squish you and your ideas like a bug. In the meantime with ACE values being low according to COAPS Ryan Maue and Steve McIntyre showing cooler temperatures on the SST map for Gulf Coast hurricane development areas, it looks like they may have to wait a year or two to try out their ideas. The idea? Basically, ship mounted pumps to circulate cooler water from below the thermocline to the surface by forcing surface water downward first. Good luck with that. – Anthony


Bill Gates: Controlling Hurricanes


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  1. Well you don’t about H.A.A.R.P and you should look-up and study it’s history.HAARP is a highly scientific military technology that uses high frequency pulse waves through air and sea.They use a giant antennae grid located in Alaska that sends these powerful pulse waves and they point them at the ionosphere and causes a macro-scale temperature differents and causes all forms of severe weather.How HAARP controls your mind is that the Russians studied this for 45-50yrs,they have found the right type of radio wave frequency to accualy do this,(THE INFO IS OUT THERE).

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