What’s True About “the Debt”:

What’s True About “the Debt”:

Part 1

The ‘debt’ really does exist, but only because we operate in a ‘debt-money’ system. There is no substance; i.e.: money which we can use to pay our debts. Since we, the private, are now the only ones who can create anything of any value, the public (a dead, bankrupt fiction), must rely upon us to make everything happen and that includes creating more debt for everything to function. We all think of ‘debt’ as a bad thing, yet, it is only how this particular economic system operates. So, ‘being in debt’ is a neutral situation – neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’. ‘Zero-balance’ means that everything is at zero. If the public draws from zero, within a liability/debt account, they have a negative; if they add to zero, they have a positive, yet, because it is all debt/liability, they can have negative debt and positive debt. ‘Debt’ is not bad; it just is.


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