Tea Parties and The Pretend Revolution

Tea Parties and The Pretend Revolution

Americans, mostly Republicans and conservatives, are holding tea parties across the country to show their opposition to Obama’s new budget and the bailout of homeowners who can’t make their mortgage payments. The protestors, many dressed up like American revolutionaries in the 1760s and 1770s, gather together to pour tea into a local bay or seaport. They are trying to mimic the real revolutionaries, the Sons of Liberty who boarded ships of the British East India Company and threw the company tea into Boston Harbor . Unlike the conservatives today, the Sons of Liberty did not first purchase the tea from the British East India Company, they stole it and then destroyed it. They were real revolutionaries, not pretend revolutionaries.


Tea Parties and The Pretend Revolution


One Response to “Tea Parties and The Pretend Revolution”

  1. Could not agree more. Keep feeding the monster, bitch about it, and change it by not getting to the core of the problem, but rather by voting them bums out! Amazing how some people think…

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