Buried in the New Stimulus Package… (Uh Oh)

Buried in the New Stimulus Package… (Uh Oh)

First off, read the full text of the bill here:


Below I have provided the text of a few issues which raised my eyebrows (to be conservative). They are questionable to say the least. Let me know what your thoughts are on these points, and make sure to read the bill when you have time.


Buried in the New Stimulus Package… (Uh Oh)


4 Responses to “Buried in the New Stimulus Package… (Uh Oh)”

  1. john von zurich Says:

    david icke book the biggest secret covers this, as well as the documentry zeitgeist, its just another way of loaning us money and charging an interest. another great introductions from the blood lines blood lines like the golden dawn, thule society, rosecruixens, atlann.

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  3. What stood out to me in that link was the comment on Sec. 3000 (2), the healthcare section:

    “Are companies going to start bidding for your health records so they can send you free samples of heart medication, Viagra, or acne medication? I can imagine Dominos Pizza offering you a low-calories pizza because they saw you have high cholesterol, and are overweight.”

    To be honest, I’m surprised they haven’t done this already. Then again, companies are doing that exact thing with every other product out there, combining credit card history with Facebook information and the like to offer people more “personalized” experiences. (Meaning they try to sell you things you’ll like, based on the data you’ve given.)

    Adding health records to the equation wouldn’t be a shock, although it would be a new level of sleaze.

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