Status Is Freedom

Status Is Freedom

Reality is folks, we are in dark times. We have a “government” that is absolutely out of control. This government is simply put, a surrogate of the banks. The banks now have a gun to the head of the people of this country and are just waiting to pull the trigger. What do you think the banks are waiting for? If one studies the history of the monetary policy in this country, one will find that we are in the position that America found itself in 1828-1836, during the administration of Andrew Jackson. We are also in the period of history known as the Great Depression of the late 1920’s and 1930’s. Study both of these times and take a look at the cause/effect and the results therefrom. Nothing good for the people I can assure you. But alas, we never learn from history, we are always just destined to repeat it. Or so it seems.


Status Is Freedom


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