Barack Wants To Be Your Daddy

Barack Wants To Be Your Daddy

“But at least the American children, who apparently number in the tens of millions, have elected a good-looking, suave, urbane, well-educated, charming, disarming, and eloquent Daddy. Those of us who have willfully become political orphans will have to endure Four More Years of Daddy love and Daddy hate. Daddy’ll get drunk, bang on the door to be let in, piss in the shrubs, curse the neighbors, dent the fender, pass out, make excuses, apologize, bring Mommy some flowers, and make empty, vacuous promises. The media will fall in line on either appropriate, socially acceptable side (democratic socialist or national socialist), dutifully report where Daddy went wrong, and where he’ll make it right when McObamaton or W. McObamaton is elected to Daddy Office next.” Column by B.R. Merrick.



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