Solutions in Commerce With Winston Shrout

The term “Commerce” rightfully defines the interchanges and exchanges between states or nations. However, over a period of many centuries, and since the introduction of what are called bills of exchange, commerce has now infiltrated into trade between individuals. In our modern world, where all nations have surrendered their national sovereignty through the use of fiat currencies, and their governments are operating in bankruptcy, the real power in commerce resides with the issuer of the fiat currency. This has resulted in the implanting of a Receiver into the national bankruptcies by the interested third party intervenor, known as the New World Order, or One World Government.

Lacking the ability to overcome the rules imposed and enforced by governments, the flesh and blood man on the land has had to adapt by learning the ins and outs of this new commercial system. The man has learned that in a fiat world, it’s all about “paper”. And, he has had to learn to deal with paper in all aspects of his life. Unfortunately, the educational system has “dumbed-down” the students and adults of the world to the point that they have become practically illiterate. They are barely able to function in a commercial world that deals in bills of exchange, fiat currencies, negotiable instruments, bonds, liens, levies, and a whole host of commercial realities not generally understood by, nor taught to, the public. The private man on the land has had to learn to navigate the world of Admiralty or Maritime jurisdictions via a “vessel”, called the strawman.

So, true to this Orwellian trend, men and women have moved away from their landed interests and into the Land of Oz: Cities of commerce where Law Merchant Law prevails and where no true contract dares to tread; where the Uniform Commercial Code, the UCC, is the rule of law.

The mission of Solutions in Commerce is first to encourage men and women to move back to the land, to our mother earth. And, if you feel the need to venture into the world of commerce, then at least we want to present some remedies that may be useful as you navigate through that commercial maze, known as Admiralty jurisdiction. We address such topics as bankruptcy, court room procedures, facts and agreements, failure of consideration, refused for cause, equity practice, attorneys, statute staple, third party intervenors, habeas corpus, bond distress, using the IRS as our third party debt collector, liquidation of a delinquent creditor through the Receiver in the US bankruptcy, voting vs. electing, corporate franchise, benefit privileges, acceptance for value, the difference between legal title and lawful possession… and a great deal more.

So, we invite all sober-minded and honorable men and women into our website. Any who have evil intentions, or who would use this information to harm or deceive others, are admonished to go elsewhere.

Winston Shrout


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